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Our catalog is growing!

Have you seen our growing catalog of educational music books? If not, we’re here to remind you to do it today!

We will list our current portfolio of educational music books below. All titles are available on Amazon for you to download worldwide. Remember, you can read all of our books on any device, like your PC web browser, smartphone or your Kindle reader. All you need is an Amazon account which can be set up in a minute (if you don’t already have one). That’s it! And now, let’s proceed with the list!

Forslund Music’s educational music books catalog

  1. Music Theory for Beginners – this book covers all the basics for the complete novice. If you already have some knowledge of music theory, you will most likely still learn something new and valuable in this book since we cover a lot of ground.
  2. How to Compose Music – learn the fundamentals of music composition such as melody, harmony and rhythm. We advise you to learn a bit about music theory first. This way, you will make your learning curve a lot shorter and the whole process much more enjoyable.
  3. Ear Training – one often overlooked aspect of music training. With a good ear, not only will you hear and enjoy music better, but also have an easier time composing and performing. Additionally, sight reading and prima vista singing will become a breeze.
  4. Harmony – a deeper dive into the realms of musical harmony and composing. Harmony is often what sets a great composition apart from a mediocre one. Not to mention how fun it is to be a skilled piano or guitar player, having all the chord sequences down!
  5. Arranging – sometimes, you need an arrangement of a famous song or piece, but you can’t find anything. Thanks to this book, you can learn how to arrange yourself and you will be able to perform and transform any piece or song you love with your own ensemble or band. Immensely fun and creative!
  6. Music History – both fun and educational! This book covers all you need to know about music history in terms of western art music. From the earliest times and all the way to present day.
  7. History of Opera – a deeper dive into the fascinating spectacle which is the history of opera. Surprises and fun facts galore!
  8. History of Electronic Music – from the earliest gigantic electronic instruments to modern dance music produced on your iPhone, we got you covered. Be prepared to be fascinated by the intersection of human creativity and technology, all with a single purpose: creating new music.

So as you can see, you can rely on us if you want to become a better musician, composer or just a well rounded music lover. In the meantime, why not let us know what topics you’d like to read about in our next books? Who knows, maybe your suggestion will end up being our next title! Rest assured that we have so many ideas in store for the upcoming period.

Until next time,  don’t stop learning about music!

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