List of Prominent Contemporary Concert Venues

In love with music? Looking for things to add to your bucket list? Then, look no further – make sure you visit these contemporary concert venues.

Paloma Concert Hall

Located in Nîmes, France, and fully dedicated to contemporary music. It’s a remarkable place that not only celebrates music, but also architecture, as the building is very modern and special.

The architects used bullfights as inspiration when designing it. Why? Because they reasoned that a bullfight is very much like the confrontation between musicians and the audience during a concert. They used yellow, purple, and red, and incorporated other bullfight-related things into the décor, such as sculptures. All this resembles aspects of the gruesome sport in a subtle manner.

The concert hall has two performance spaces, as well as 12 studios used for rehearsals and recording sessions.

Konzerthaus Blaibach

If you go to Bavaria in Germany, there is a certain city square that at first glance doesn’t seem like anything worth your attention. Well, not until you notice a big block of stone and realize that there might be more to the square than meets the eye. In fact, under this big, tilted block of granite lies a secret concert hall!

The inside of the hall, which lies almost entirely underground, has walls made of concrete which are pleated to enhance the acoustics. The whole thing looks absolutely amazing and creates a great atmosphere for concerts.

Harpa – Reykjavik Concert Hall

Iceland is a truly beautiful place, and the Harpa concert hall certainly matches the surroundings. The design is inspired by the northern lights and Icelandic nature. Light plays an important part and much of the building is made of crystalline glass. It lies by the water and if you ever visit Iceland, you owe it to yourself to check it out. Here, you can enjoy listening to both local and international performers.

Limoges Concert Hall

France is a country of many cool concert venues, and one of them is Limoges. It almost looks like a spaceship rather than a place where you can enjoy beautiful music. It’s located in a forest and is a really flexible venue. It can host as few as 600 people for small concerts, but can also be “adjusted” to room up to 6,000 people!

The car park outside has room for 1,500 cars and is really something extra: grass and trees cover it! This is a place you will never forget!

Bing Concert Hall

Welcome to sunny California and the Bing Concert Hall! This building looks absolutely remarkable with its curved design, but don’t let that fool you. The cool design is not only a pleasure for the eye, but is also the result of an effort to achieve the best acoustics you’ve ever experienced. If you are a fan of fine arts, such as music and architecture, you should definitely pay Bing a visit!

Do you agree with our choice of concert venues? Can you think of more you want to share? If so, make sure you list them in the comments below!

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