Beautiful modern music

Music is always supposed to make us feel something or react in some way. Sometimes, we just want to listen to happy pop songs. Other times, a sad blues song or an angry hard rock cover is what we really need. But then, there are also moments when we just want to listen to something beautiful. Something that is easy to listen to, that doesn’t need much processing but goes straight to the heart. So imagine a day when you’re in the mood for such music. It’s raining outside, you’re alone and have lit a few candles, and there’s a cup of tea in your hands. What should you listen to? Here’s a list of some of the most beautiful modern music to accompany you in these moments!

Beautiful modern music albums

Philip Glass – Piano Works

You know the kind of music that seems to be floating in midair and makes you feel entirely calm and content? Check out Glass’ Piano Works album, and especially Glassworks: Opening. Beautifully light and delicate!

Steven Cravis – Sound of Light

If you love beautiful piano music, you need to check out this album. Through the Kaleidoscope is really nice, with a good flow.

Ludovico Einaudi – Una Mattina

Even more piano music for a rainy day. We have Einaudi’s album Una Mattina. One of the most famous songs from this album is Nuvole Bianche. Pure bliss!

Chad Lawson – Dark Conclusions: The Lore Variations

If you feel like listening to something a bit mysterious and in minor, you will love this album. Piano and cello in music that seems to be vibrating with life. Islands is a great example of this.

Voces8 – Winter

If you love beautiful singing mixed with strings and piano, you are going to love the British octet Voces8. Their Winter album is amazing. Just check out The Fruits of Silence! Beautiful modern music and classical choir come together in a remarkable mix that will make you feel as if time has stopped for a few minutes.

Peter Hollens – Legendary Folk Songs

Scottish and Irish folk songs performed by male singers who have absolutely amazing voices? Sign us up! Tradition and modern arrangements come together in the Legendary Folk Songs album. The Skye Boat Song has never sounded this beautiful! Other classics such as Loch Lomond, Down by the Salley Gardens, and Danny Boy are included as well!

Arvo Pärt – Summa

What happens when you combine strings, silence, dissonance, and patience? You get Summa. Simply wonderful!

Beautiful modern music songs

Charlie Key – Song for A

A sweet piano piece with a melody that seems to be telling a story. It’s up to you to determine what the story is about.

Gabriela Parra – Olopte’s Lullaby

Sometimes, adults need a lullaby as well! This piano piece combines familiarity and new material in a way that makes it seem like we’ve always known the melody. And yet, it’s full of little surprises.

Linnea Olsson – The Ocean

Cello is a versatile instrument, and Olsson knows that. She lets a bass line go like the waves from the ocean and the higher notes feel like the breeze on the beach. The result is a mix of peace and tranquility.

Fernando Ortega – I Remember Well

I Remember Well has a suiting name because it feels nostalgic somehow. As if you are looking at old pictures in the attic and dreaming of past times…

What do you think about our selection of beautiful modern music? We sincerely hope you are now ready for the next rainy day!

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