This is the fascinating story of music. How it started with a song and became one of our most beloved arts.

  • Learn how early composers added modal rhythm to religious chants and turned them into something greater.
  • Discover how the printing press standardized music and helped it spread across the globe.
  • Witness the birth of musical theater, opera, and classical music and the explosion of popular freeform music such as rhapsodies and preludes.
  • See how 20th- and 21st-century composers created a wealth of music and left their mark on music forever.
  • Watch the birth of Jazz and Blues in the deep south of America.
  • Experience the explosion of Rock n’ Roll in America and Europe and its evolution into Punk, Electric, Metal, New Wave, and more.
  • Hear English, Scottish, and Irish folk songs and ballads transform into Country and Western Music.
  • Examine the beginnings of electronic music and watch it spread across the globe.
  • Meet the international superstars that created Pop Music.

History of Music: From Prehistoric Sounds to Classical Music, Jazz, Rock Music, Pop Music, and Electronic Music is a quick dip into our relationship with sound and movement through time. You’ll learn how music and songs grew from humble beginnings into an art that enriches, entertains, and relaxes us.