My Story…

My name is Anders Forslund and I have always had a passion for both business and music. I know it may seem like a very odd combination, I mean how often do you see someone putting art music and business in the same basket, right? In the world of pop music, it is more acceptable to approach your career from a business perspective, but in the art world, things are very different. As a result, I spent most of my life struggling to combine these two seemingly different worlds.

I pretty much focused the first 30 years of my life solely on the music side of things. Then, gradually, while starting a family, I got into reading about business and money out of the sheer necessity to make more money. What followed was a decade in which I was focusing more and more on business and sales.

Where I am right now, I don’t really see a conflict between the worlds of art and business anymore. What I do see is how being a creative soul is beneficial to someone like me working in both fields. I could list Walt Disney as a great example of someone very creative, a genius in his own right, but at the same time very conscious about the business aspect of his ventures. Or Pablo Picasso, who was able to sell a lot of his work during his lifetime. Even the composer Karlheinz Stockhausen, who took control over his portfolio, creating his own publishing house and record label.


I’m very blessed and grateful for the opportunity to learn about both fields and I hope is going to be a place where the two meet and greet each other with a big smile on their faces! Ultimately, it’s all about serving you, the reader, listener, and music lover in the most beneficial ways possible!

If you want to know more details about why I am here today, here’s my full story.